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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

"IMPAK MAKSIMA" - Latest Movie From Ahmad Idham

Impak Maksima is the latest action movie, revealing the life of Malaysian youngsters who are into motor sports as their passion. It covers the sequence of drift, drag, go-kart, pocket bike and "mat rempit".

Ayie, a college student with a knack for racing, meets and falls for a gorgeous new girl in college. His time spent with her is less time spent on illegal races but however, his best friend Amran decides to accept a racing challenge from Ray, who sealed the deal with a RM5000 bet. Amran loses the race and in the commotion, the police manage to detain Ayie. With Ayie's help, the police plan to take down Ray and his illegal activities with one last heart-pounding race.

Want to know more about "Impak Maksima", catch it in nearest cinema on 23 Aug 2007 (whole Malaysia).

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