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Monday, November 3, 2008

Oil Price Dropped, Are You Satisfied??

Seems that the world oil price has dropped to less than USD70/barrel. A lot of countries has reduced the fuel prices, including Malaysia.
(Current fuel price in Malaysia: Petrol RON97, RM2.15/litre; RON92 RM2.05/litre & Diesel RM2.05/litre)

However, the people still curious about the price reduced. Why is it not reduced to the previous price before the price hike (previously, RON97 RM1.92/litre) and still more 20 cents/litre??

Is the people satisfied already? Can it make the peoples' life better?

Definitely NOT!!!

That's why so many people are trying to increase the income by doing a lot of part-time job, whether through extra services, MLM business,
internet businesses, work from home, forex trading and etc.

Hopefully the government will always "see" and concern about the peoples' needs.

Hidup MALAYSIA !!!
Hidup MALAYSIA !!!

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